About Telum Tactical

The Latin word “telum” translates to “weapon,” and when paired with “tactical,” it brings to mind our expertly crafted automatic knives—perfectly capturing the essence of Telum Tactical.

At Telum Tactical, we are dedicated to offering a premier selection of purpose-built tactical gear. Our unique line of precision-crafted knives serves law enforcement, military professionals, and avid outdoorsmen. Each knife is designed for superior performance, durability, and cutting power, seamlessly blending modern design with robust resilience.

Constructed from high-strength metal alloys including S35V and D2, and featuring machined ergonomic grips, our knives are engineered for exceptional functionality. Telum Tactical has prioritized functionality in design to meet the needs of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, from specialized tactical operations to everyday carry.

All Telum Tactical knives are assembled in Minden, Louisiana, and come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring our commitment to quality and reliability.

As a veteran-owned business and a proud member of the Rock Ridge Outdoors family, Telum Tactical stands for excellence, integrity, and dedication.