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The Tremor is designed for high-end knife users. It features a side safety lock that can lock the knife in both open and closed positions, ensuring safety and reliability.

Tremor Knife Open

Pocket Worthy.

Compact and efficient, the Tremor is ideal for everyday carry. It boasts a 3.5-inch S35V satin-finished blade, offering a blend of aesthetics and performance.

tremor knife closed showing safety lock
tremor knife side view showing reversible pocket tip and handle

Compact Size.

Side view of Tremor knife with measurements 3.5 inch blade 4.5 inch closed length

the Blade.

The S35V satin-finished blade with a full hollow grind provides exceptional sharpness and edge retention. The hollow grind ensures precise cutting, making the Tremor a top choice for those who demand excellence.

Additional Features

Safety Lock: Ensures the blade stays securely in place when not in use.

Tip-Up Pocket Clip: Allows for easy and convenient carry, keeping the knife readily accessible.

General Information

All Telum Tactical knives are assembled in Minden, Louisiana, and are backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring our commitment to quality and reliability. As a veteran-owned business and a proud member of the Rock Ridge Outdoors family, Telum Tactical stands for excellence, integrity, and dedication to those who serve and protect.